Technology Platform

Technology Platform

AI can play a very important role in data processing and analysis of massive transaction data, mining more valuable information and providing more favorable decisions for transactions.

AI has significant advantages in quantitative trading, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of transactions and create more value for investors. However, when using AI for quantitative trading, investors also need to pay attention to its potential risks and challenges and take corresponding measures for risk management.

AI Platform

AI Marketplace
AI Marketplace

The application prospects of the AI ​​market are extremely optimistic. It has widely penetrated into many fields such as medical care, finance, transportation, education, entertainment, etc., and is profoundly changing people's lifestyles and industrial patterns. The continuous innovation and application of AI technology not only improves production efficiency and optimizes user experience, but also brings unprecedented development opportunities to various industries. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increasingly mature market, AI will show its huge potential in more fields and lead social progress and economic development. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to issues such as ethics, privacy and security in AI applications to ensure its healthy and sustainable development.

AI can realize the automation and intelligence of transactions. Through preset algorithms and models, AI can automatically execute trading strategies, reduce human intervention and emotional influence, and improve the objectivity and stability of transactions. At the same time, AI can also adjust and optimize trading strategies in real time according to market changes to achieve intelligent trading decisions.

Explore Diverse AI Services

Use AI to learn deeply in more industries and improve work efficiency in various industries.

Demo AI Services Free

Try it out yourself! Majority of services have free demo calls that you can try right away. Input your parameters and data and let AI process your request instantly.

Make It Your AI

Install AI services more conveniently, lower the threshold for use, and put AI technology into your hands as soon as possible.

Multiple Pricing Options

According to the requirements of different industries, different product function combinations are formulated, allowing you to more conveniently choose the product that suits you.

Train Your Own AI Models

Coming Soon!  AI training will allow you to train and customize models for AI services in the way you specifically need for your integrations.

Scalable AI Services

Integrate more AI functions to meet the needs of more scales and make AI suitable for everyone!

AI Publisher
AI Publisher

AI Service Providers Publish your AI services to our open decentralized AI marketplace and expand developer reach through continuous in-depth learning to acquire more customers globally.

AI publishers also get free access to advanced AI app capabilities, AI usage analytics, team management & coordination, financial management of their AI services and extensive beta testing tools.

Manage AI services in one hub

Editors and developers can easily  test, refine, and deploy AI services to the blockchain and easily distribute to multiple platforms and global regions from one interface.

Engage new AI audiences

Track usage analytics of your global consumer users to improve your AI. Increase your global exposure.

Project teams and roles

Publisher infrastructure helps AI teams work better together by unifying AI services in one hub, so developers, business managers, and other professionals can build simultaneously.

Deep learning

Strengthen AI functions through massive data entry and learning. Provide better services.

AI Efficiency

AI has excellent capabilities when it comes to data processing and analysis. Quantitative trading involves a large amount of historical transaction data, real-time market information, macroeconomic data, etc. These data require fast and accurate processing and analysis. By applying algorithms such as deep learning and machine learning, AI can automatically extract key information from data and discover potential market trends and patterns. This automated data processing and analysis process greatly reduces manual operation time and error rates, and improves transaction efficiency and accuracy.

AI Decision

AI Decision

Continuously collect data 24 hours a day and enter it into the model system.

Carry out automated operations based on model analysis results and firmly grasp every wave of market trends.

No longer worry about the huge impact of personal emotions, use AI calculation results as the operational guidance and be more rational.

Real Time

Analyze data 24 hours a day.


Make system judgments based on analysis results.

Support Customization

Adjust some parameters according to your needs.

AI Adaptability

AI Adaptability will implement a complete, scalable, and open-source general artificial intelligence system based on the principles of AI Adaptability. It is an open-sourced platform where different AI strategies and methods such as Neuro Symbolic AI, Evolutionary Learning systems, Economic Attention Allocation, Machine Learning, and other AI approaches can collaborate based on a shared knowledge metagraph (Atomspace).

Hyperon inherits the concepts of AI Adaptability but is fully refactored and considerably redesigned, with a decentralized architecture ready to take full advantage of the evolving blockchain infrastructure. The end result is a design that is way faster, more scalable, more flexible, and much easier to learn and use. We believe that this upgrade to AI Adaptability will have similar effects on our AI approach as the increased CPU speed and availability of large datasets have had on Machine Learning approaches in past decades.